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Wolverine Toys For Kids

wolverine toys for kids

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    for kids
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The Spiderman's New Clothes

The Spiderman's New Clothes

A shot inspired by the cover of Secret Wars #8 where Spidey first gets his new outfit, which of course we later learn is an alien symbiote who would go on to form 1 half of his nemesis Venom.

May I say that I always liked the black costume better, it's simpler, bolder and a bit more practical than his traditional duds. I was a little disapointed when he reverted back to his classic costume, even though it made for a great storyline.

When I was a kid I had the Secret Wars black costume Spidey toy, in fact it was the only Secret Wars toy I bought aside from Captain America, although I would've gotten Wolverine if I'd been able to find one! I held on to that thing for many years and always had to be very careful with it because the paint on the spider-emblem tended to wear off VERY easily.

This new version of that classic toy is pretty nice, this is the version from the 2 pack w/ Magneto and it comes in a matte black finish w/o any painted on highlights, unlike the single carded version that has blue highlights. I like the matte one better - nature will provide all the highlights I need!

The poseability isn't quite as good on this fig as on the more traditional Spidey figure from the same series, (who has an extra point of articulation at his waist that this figure lacks) also the ankle articulation isn't quite as good and the legs tend to pop off if you try to put him in one of those typical Spidey squatting poses, unlike the earlier fig, however I think the proportion of the head to the body is better than on the fig in the traditional Spidey uniform.

276/365 Super Hero Squad Birthday Cake

276/365 Super Hero Squad Birthday Cake

This is the cake I made for my son's 5th b-day. He wanted Super Hero Squad and I already had the little Wolverine car toy set. On the package is a blue and black city scape - so I thought of this!

Store bought cake. Added the black fondant road. Buildings made of Rice Krispies. The 2 on the left were a homemade batch that I formed and shaped myself. I needed more and remembered I had bought a big box of the pre-packaged kind for the kids lunchbox so opened about 9 or 12 of those and stacked those up for the bldg on the right.

I had planned on covering them w/ fondant but I think mine was too old and a bit dry because it kept cracking so buttercream it was! I was going to try the paper towel method of smoothing the buttercream but I waited too long. My husband went to the store to get the Viva after I started frosting so they sat at least 30 min and crusted too much so not quite smooth!

I think it lacked some lines on the road but I did not want Wolverine driving on 2 lanes ;)

Some of the blue frosting got messed up in transit so that became Hulk's shock wave from jumping on the ground!

The kids thought it was AMAZING!!

wolverine toys for kids

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