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bad boy toys

    boy toys
  • (Boy Toy (novel)) Barry Lyga (born September 11, 1971), nicknamed Barry "Radical" Lyga, is an American young adult novelist and short story writer. He lives in the desert southwest. Lyga majored in English at Yale receiving his BA in 1993.

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  • Badly

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Bad Boy Finally Graduates

Bad Boy Finally Graduates

I bought this cute graduation robe #795 for Ken (it's used, not mint) complete with mortar board and diploma from eBay. The robe fits him, but the blue shirt didn't (the same blue shirt I had used on earlier pics of Chris) so I had to leave it open. That suits Chris's image as a bad boy who finally gets to graduate.

bad • ass • boys

bad • ass • boys

Cornwall, Vermont USA. Bad ass boys drive bad ass toys • Sticker seen on the tailgate of one badass work truck.

bad boy toys

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